Kids Scavenger Hunt Riddles and Clues Ideas

This post is all about indoor and outdoor scavenger hunts clues and riddles for kids from free ready-made scavenger hunts to ideas on how to make your own clues and riddles.

Scavenger Hunt Clues and Riddles for KidsTreasure or scavenger hunts are not only a great idea for childrens party games but also a fun activity to do with your kids when you are looking for something to entertain them. Scavenger hunts are also an inexpensive way for you to play games with your children, as well a simple way to get them playing together as a team. And you can set up your treasure hunt games indoors or outside.

Contents: Scavenger Hunts for Kids | Free Kids Scavenger Hunt Riddles and Clues | Make Your Own Indoor/Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunts for Kids
There are many ways treasure hunt games and scavenger hunts can be beneficial for kids and still be fun, such as:
* Getting the kids to work together in teams
* Encourage their puzzle solving skills to work out the clues and riddles
* A fun activity that can be done at home, in the park, in the car or on holidays
* You can theme your clues and riddles or search for ready made clues online to suit a particular occasion or a special interest or hobby that your kids will take pleasure in
* A fun childrens party games idea is to have a scavenger hunt that will match the theme of your child’s birthday party with the clues, riddles and objects in keeping with the theme
* The clues and riddles can be educational as well as fun – for example using colorful picture clues for younger children
* You can also bring in a bit of maths into the clues as long as it’s still fun!
* A great way for you and/or your older children to spend time together and using your creativity to create your own treasure hunt clues for the little ones!
* A bit of gentle competition is a good way to motivate kids without being over-competitive

Where to Find Free Kids Scavenger Hunt Riddles and Clues Online
You can find some free treasure hunt clues online. Which you can download and print out. Including seasonal and other themed treasure hunts for kids.

* The Family Fun website has a selection of free treasure hunt clues for you to download and print:
* DLTK’s Crafts for Kids has loads of free printable activities including scavenger hunt games:
* Activity Village also has lots of printable games for kids including many seasonal themed activities:

Make Your Own Indoor/Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids
Riddle Me Scavenger Hunt ReviewIf you would like to play scavenger hunt games with your kids on a more regular basis, then you might like to check out the Riddle Me software kit. This is a convenient way to make sure you have instant scavenger hunt clues and riddles to hand whenever you need a fun indoor or outdoor kids activity or childrens party games, at a moment’s notice – with minimal prep or fuss.

Riddle Me is an easy to use software package, that allows you to make your own kids scavenger hunt clues and riddles for items inside and outside around your home.

The Riddle Me kit:
* Create instant customized scavenger hunt item lists or riddles
* Suitable for 3 years old and up!
* A simple way to create themed scavenger hunt birthday party games
* Perfect to use for indoor scavenger hunts
* Great for outdoor kids scavenger hunt ideas too!
* Includes over 10,000 riddles and clues for you to choose from
* Using 1200 everyday items
* Many items you will already have around your home and school. Or outside around your yard which means you don’t have to buy any extra items
* This is such an easy simple way to make your own kids scavenger hunts

So for a handy and easy way to create FUN activities and unique party games for your kids checkout: RiddleMe Software!

More Childrens Party Game Ideas

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