Kids Birthday Party Games – 5 Indoor Party Games Ideas

When it’s too cold to play kids birthday party games outdoors.
But the indoor space is a bit limited, these 5 kids birthday party games are a great idea.
As most of them involve the kids sitting in circle.
Rather than a lot of running around like in my previous childrens party games posts!
You’ll probably still want to move any ornaments.
And clear a reasonable amount of floor space.
As kids are even more excitable when playing party games than usual!

5 Indoor Kids Birthday Party Games Ideas

1. Hot Potato

Involves the children sitting on the floor in a circle and throwing an object, the ‘hot potato’ such as a tennis ball, to each other whilst music plays. Stop the music and the person holding the ‘hot potato’ is out of the game. An alternative of this could be using say a jar of apple puree or baby food as the ‘hot potato’. And when music stops the person holding the jar has to eat a spoonful of it as a penalty! This children’s party game is so simple to play and is lots of fun.

2. Duck Duck Goose

This involves all the kids sitting in a circle, except one player who is the ‘fox’. The fox must walk around the circle tapping each of the players in turn and saying ‘duck’ as he/she does it. At a random point, the fox taps one player and calls out ‘goose’. The ‘goose’ has to quickly get up and chase after the fox to try and tag them. The ‘fox’ meantime must try to sit in the place the ‘goose’ has just vacated.

If the fox succeeds, the ‘goose’ becomes the new fox and the game sequence starts again. But if the ‘goose’ manages to tag the fox in time, the ‘goose’ returns to their seat and the fox has to start again. This does involve a little bit of running and so you’ll need to make sure there is space enough around the circle for them to move about with no problem.

3. Musical Pass the Bag

Like pass the parcel, (which by the way, is also another great indoor kids birthday party games idea), but this time the parcel is a bag of things the children can wear such as hats, old clothes, bracelets or items that match the birthday party theme. Then with the kids sitting in a circle, you play music as they pass the bag to each other around the circle. When the music stops, whoever is holding the bag must put their hand in and without looking take out an item of clothing and put it on. The game ends when the bag is empty. And the winner is the person with least amount of items on!

4. Chinese Whispers or the Telephone Message Game

Again all the children sit in a circle for this birthday party game. With the birthday child going first, he/she whispers a sentence to the party guest on their right. Then that child passes the message on by whispering what they heard to the next person on their right. This continues until the message has gone around the circle. The last person to hear the message repeats it out loud. The child, who started the round, also repeats their original message out loud. The kids will have lots of laughs hearing how different these messages are!

5. Chocolate Eating Competition

I don’t know if there is a proper name for this game, but it is one I remember playing a lot at parties when I was a kid!
Put a big chocolate bar on a plate (probably best if it is a plastic plate), and keep the chocolate wrapping on. Dress up the birthday girl or boy in woolly hat, scarf, and gloves. He/she must then try to un-wrap the chocolate and eat it with a knife and fork! Whilst they are doing this, the other guests take it in turns to throw a dice. When any of them throw a 6, they must take over from the child trying to eat the chocolate, making sure first they put on the hat, scarf and gloves. And the other kids try continue to try and get a 6. And so the sequence repeats. This is ridiculously funny and laughing just makes it even more challenging, as you can probably imagine!

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